Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wild Animal Kingdom

This weekend Savanna and I were supposed to go camping on a Girl scout Mother/Daughter retreat. Things came up, I wasn't happy with the way council treated me- so we opted out. It was sort of a bummer, but it freed us up to go to York's Wild Animal Kingdom!

The hospital where my mom works hosts a family day there every year. We haven't been in a few years, and I just knew Wes would love it! Mom had to scramble to get enough tickets for all of us at the last moment, but she pulled thru and we had a blast despite a cool drizzle.

There are plenty of animals and birds to admire- the park is small but clean and friendly feeling. I have been enough times that I know the place well, and we can wander thru pretty quickly and see what we want to see! Grandma and Grandpa Houston came along as well, and braved the rain with us. They had not been in years and I think they enjoyed seeing the critters, and watching the kids!

It was pretty funny because most of the animals we looked at were hiding in some way from the rain- usually cozy in their "houses" while all of us humans were standing out in the rain staring at them!

As I suspected, Wes liked the animals a lot, and was turning every which way in the backpack (one of my prizes from the diaper pin!)

Daddy bought him a cone of goat food in the petting pen, and it scared the crap out of him when a big goat sauntered over and "stole" it from him! He decided then he would rather watch from the safety of his Dad! I didn't get a good shot, but the look on his face was price-less!

The big kids had a great time feeding the deer. Billy really wanted his picture taken with this one!

We were pretty wet by the time we were ready for lunch. We had out picnic in the back of our cars~ we warmed up a bit and the kids were still up for the rides.... we we did those!

I left my camera in the car after we went back in to ride the rides- I decided it was getting too wet. We missed having Olivia there (she spent the night at a friend's house) but the others had a good time despite the weather. I'm hopeful Wes will have as much fun at Story Land next weekend!

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