Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Going Up

Bill and Dad have put in a few more work days recently. The kids and I "work" too, but the men do so much- we help as best we can- but the major progress is made by these 2 guys! This little card was part of Billy's Father's Day gift to Bill and we nailed it up inside one of the stall walls... it will always be there as a reminder of the hard work these Dad's have done building our barn!
The main focus in the last few weeks has been the interior walls for the slope stalls. The kick walls (made from the 2" rough cut we had milled) are in, and now the 1" upper portions of the walls have started. It wont be long before these 4 will be ready to house horses!

While the guys cut and nail the big heavy boards, I worked a lot on getting stain on the outside walls. Thus far I have the whole barn ringed with about the bottom half done, so water wont splash up. We had some warping going on with the T111 we used. Bill is upset about the choice we made to go with the thinner stock, it has waved a little. I got the paint up though- so hopefully we wont get too much more. I need to go back and finish the upper parts now. Liv and Savy both did a bit, and we are getting there! The color match is pretty good- I'm happy with the look, but my arms are tired!

So, walls and paint are going up- and if we don't have to put up more hay this week we may get even more done!

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