Friday, July 15, 2011


Today Anna and I took the kids to Berry Best farm. Olivia had arranged to work and ride at Greystone this afternoon so she missed out, but the rest of us got down to picking!
Wellll... some of us did more picking than others!

I'm pretty sure Nic was letting us know that he prefers his berries picked and washed and packaged nicely with gingham ribbon at the farm stand. Despite wearing his cute plaid shirt and jean coveralls- he wasn't much into "farm work!" He mostly enjoyed staying in the shade!

Billy did a great job picking- he really is growing up! It wasn't too long ago that he was popping more into his mouth than the baskets. He has really been looking forward to raspberry picking, and filled a few pints all on his own!

He found the good berries under the bushes and tipped Wes off to the prime picking!

This neat farm had blueberries ready too, so we did double duty and picked some of those too! By that time the kids were pretty tired of picking, and Savanna and Billy wandered off a while- they were easy to locate by Billy's "berry flares" He was having fun picking up squashed berries and flinging them into the air. I took the opportunity to pick a bunch- I love big sweet berries warm on the bush.

I'm sad to have missed Strawberry season- we were just so busy with the barn. Wes is a super fruit eater, and I knew he would love picking his own! We have a few pots on the deck, and Savy is growing strawberries in two of them. Wes eats all the little fruits- green, pink, over ripe and rotten... he doesn't care! I hope he is still as into them next year; but for today I hoped raspberry/blueberries would do! As I suspected, he loved every moment of it! He ate way more than I should have allowed, but had such a good time.

We had yummy pancakes with blueberry compote for dinner tonight, and will have fresh berries all week! I think I may even end up going back for more blues- I want to do a pie or two, and the kids are itching to try our hands at jam.... and I know Liv would love the opportunity to pick some too!


  1. Wow, those kids are growing up way too fast! Especially little Wes. I'm kept so busy these days that I hardly have time to blog myself let alone keep up on everyone elses. I feel like I've missed so much lately. What a fun day you guys had! Our raspberry patch is just starting to come on. So it's almost canning season for me here. Just another thing to keep me busy ;). You all are looking great and looks like you are having a great summer so far. It's slipping away to quickly!