Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still Working

Summer is in full swing- we had a major heat wave last week (4 days of 100 degree heat is killer in New England!) and are busy as ever, but progress still continues out at the barn! Many rocks, roots and stumps are going from the arena site. I am depressed as the New England soil just breeds the stones... I swear we pick them, and the tractor runs over and then we have a million more to do. I'm not sure we will ever get them all! One of the other major projects was getting the back three stalls their framing and windows in. And... then.... Drum Roll Please.... our other big change....The tack room floor is in!

Wes is in a major clingy stage- he seems to need me a lot, and doesn't like to share me or my attention... so, we have had some tantrums out on the job site as I try to work. However, he does make a great supervisor!

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