Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I can't believe the Forth of July has come and gone already! Summer really is here~

Krista and Brad were able to drive up from Mass for the weekend, but were going to have to head home on Monday- which was the actual forth... So, we did the 3rd of July at the Houston's lake house! We haven't been to Horn Pond much now that Grandma and Grandpa are at the Farm House full time. It was nice to be back there- especially since Grandma made her ribs!! They were so yummy; but Wes' favorite right now is corn on the cob... He can easily clean off a full ear!
Billy's pal Morgan came along for the day and was a pleasure to have around- he kindly snapped this picture- it's nice to have an updated family shot with Nic in it!

The weather wasn't the best, but of course the kids went in the water! Bill and Brad and I suited up to put the dock in... but the kids full on swam!

Bill took the kids around in the canoe and kayak, the boys did a great job paddling all around. Wes did much better this year with his life jacket- I was glad to see he may be better about having to wear it.

Since it wasn't overly hot or sunny Billy took advantage of Grandpa's lifetime fishing license and threw in a line. No bites, but Billy always love a chance to get out his pole.

On Monday, the Forth of July we went over to Mom-Mom's for a picnic. It was quite warm and sunny so of course the kids went right into the pool! The Big kids (Jesse, Craig, Mick, Josh and Dylan) as well as the Grown-Ups (Uncle Kirk and Mark) took on the littler kids (Olivia, Billy, Jay and Kaleb) and had a great big water fight with the squirters and hose.

Mom had a little pool and a lot of little rubber duckies for Wes. He played in that, as well as the big pool. It was just an all around fun afternoon. We lucked out and didn't have to rush back for hay as a storm passed thru. The food was good, the water cool and the company grand. Everyone was having fun, and it was so nice to just relax with the family!

With his busy summer shoeing schedule and all the work left to do on the barn I'm not sure how much time Bill will have for lounging around~ I sure am glad he was able soak up the sun and relax with the kids for a while on the 4th!


  1. Looks like a really great family summer so far!! I just love the photos of the kids fishing and hanging out by the lake. Such a perfectly fun country time for kids....it's what they should be doing in the summer (not playing Xbox LOL! ;-)

  2. I love them all!! Looks like the most perfect summer fun :)