Saturday, July 30, 2011

How We Roll

Wes and I decided to make Daddy proud and do some work in the barn while he and Billy are at Cub Scout camp. I had all the pieces for the shelves in the aisle measured and cut, then put them and Wes into the wheelbarrow to walk down and set them into place. His is how we roll... Work boots and a diaper!

Then this is how we look after we roll the wheelbarrow. General consensus (from multiple calls to Grandma Beth, a physical check from Grandma and Grandpa Houston and Auntie Anna and Nic, and a frantic call to Dr. Brennan) is that it is not broken. I, however, might be slightly bruised for a while. I swear I only stepped away for a second. After some Tylenol, a nap and a few hours time Wes is still pretty puffy, and dripping some disheartening bloody snot. But, he is breathing thru both nostrils and his teeth/jaw/cheek bones all seem fine. No signs of head trauma, although he did face plant into a 2X4 stud wall... I guess I can be thankful it's not worse and hope that shout takes care of blood stains!

Oh, and I'm NOT working in the barn alone again!


  1. ok, it does look a wee bit bent, but you'll know better tomorrow, maybe. A wee bit bent of a nose is better than a concusion. Guess you just have to work a wee bit harder than the first three keeping this one alive and intact!

  2. Ouch!! Poor little guy! Hope he gets feeling better.