Tuesday, August 2, 2011

LCS 7-31-11

This past weekend our friends over at Lucky Clover Stables had another of their summer shows- I'm so impressed and proud of them for how far their show series has come! They have been having shows a few years now- and we have been a couple of times. It's always been a run and well run event, but boy have they grown! The field was full of trailers (I got a spot way up by their house!) and it was a very well attended show- they are growing so quickly- and should be very proud of the series they are putting on!

Olivia has really been enjoying her rides on Squeeke and wanted to show her- Liv is really too big for her- but we figured since it was a local show, and she isn't going for year end points or anything it would be alright to take the old girl out!
I let Olivia run the show so to speak- she was 100% in charge of getting herself and Squeeke ready. I wasn't too thrilled with the job she did, but she learned a lot! i think next time she will put a little more time into her preparation! Squeeke looked good, but Olivia forgot a number of things... including her helmet! Thankfully Grandma Houston came to her rescue- and brought it down for us!

It was a pretty busy show- with full classes (there were 10 or more in both of her classes!) so they only placed 6th- but Squeeke was amazing! She didn't do any of her foolish squealing or threaten to kick anybody like she sometimes does... and, when Olivia got the wrong lead (twice in fact) she came right thru with a flying change! It was as if she was saying "silly kid- that's the wrong lead!"

It was a fun day- I was glad to be horse show Mom; Olivia and Squeeke made me very proud!


  1. Oh my gosh, they look so good! I know Livvie's legs are too long, but she is sitting so well on top!

  2. They look great! That reminds me of myself as a teen. I always fell in love with the small ponies and I looked huge on them. But they were always the most fun to ride!! Still have a soft spot for shorties. Guess that's why I have my little Cricket ;)
    P.S. I think I got the video link fixed. It's worth watching. It may make you laugh a bit ;)