Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hunt Scene

The Piscataqua hounds started their Hunt season last week. Olivia and I met up with Linda over at Branch Hill for their pace. It was a lovely ride, a beautiful day and two of my favorite riding partners! And, to boot we won first place for the Hilltop division. Yahoo! What a way to start the season off.

Then, this weekend the Houston's hosted their first Cub Hunt of the year. Since Anna and Olivia are away I was the official family delegate rider! Cheryl also asked me to Field Master for the Hilltop group. Beau was pretty jazzed up, and it was a very humid and hot day... but none the less we had a great ride.
The boys had fun since Stirrup Cup was here on the lawn. They interacted with the hounds and a few girls who were here with their Mom and Nannie. I think there were 13 riders, so it was a perfect turnout in my opinion... all but one rider bagged out after the 1/2 way point, but I took the last remaining rider... the intrepid two, and we finished the ride.

The hunt will be back next week for a drag, and I plan to ride then as well. Beau had such a blast, and was really wanting to go. I think I'll try harder to get to a few more hunts with him. He really enjoys it... my little QH. Who knew!?

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