Monday, August 8, 2011

Early August Happenings

Last week Auntie Anna, Olivia and I rode out with a neighbor and also the Master of the Hounds of the Piscataqua Hunt group. We had met earlier in the summer with a gentleman who runs a nearby land trust and we got permission to use his territory. We scoped it out then and this past week rode the new section we plan to use for the upcoming Cub Hunt. It was a nice ride and we all had fun. The horses were all good, and the new trails are going to be great!

My old grill finally died (well, it didn't actually die- but I didn't want it to give up the ghost during a dinnertime rush!) and we got this beauty to replace it! I grill dinner probibly 4 nights a week atleast- during the spring/summer/fall months anyhow, and use it thru the winter as well! So, it was important to me to get a new one before we were without! My old Kenmore was good, I loved it... but it rusted out in the interior- in just 3 years! So, we opted to go with a pricier KitchenAid Model this time- It has a larger cooking surface, which I decided I needed as well as a searing burner and lights inside. We have used it 2 of the past 3 nights and it's cooking well so far. Yumm, grilled food in the summer is so good!
Wes had his first ER visit on Saturday. Im sure there will be more to come with this kid... Mid day yesterday he and Daddy went for a dip in the hot tub. Somehow he managed to slip over the edge and face planted onto the cement pad. What a bruiser... bloodied two Saturdays in a row... The Doctor looked him over and then glued up the gash on his forehead. I fear this may be the first scar on my beautiful boy! Im glad there was no needle- stitches would have made it worse for all of us! Wes was very good and while he cried after the fall, the ice was the worst part for him and once at the hospital he didn't make a peep! He was a very brave boy about the whole thing~

The kids had a small lemonade stand up at Grandma's house while I cleaned the barn. Cupcakes sold well, and they made $15 I think! They were very cute, and I think Poppie had a nice morning supervising them from his shady spot!

So, thats where we are so far... I can't believe we are cruising thru August so fast~ We got the kids' their backpacks last night up at the L.L. Bean outlet- it's official, school is just around the cornner!


  1. Looks like you guys are having fun. And OUCH! Poor Wes! You sure do have your hands full with that one!
    P.S. Super jealous of your new grill :)

  2. Poor little guy - but what a brave boy!!