Friday, August 12, 2011

Salty Acres ReVisited

Way back in March, when Billy was thinking about his Birthday, he wondered if we could go camping. I convinced him March was not the best time for that- but if he wanted, we could wait and instead of a big party with his friends then, we could take a buddy or two camping in the summer. Fast forward to this week. He had 2 friends lined up, we had a couple sites booked at Salty Acres (where we went with the Cub Scouts last summer)- the gear was set- Bill and I had taken 3 days off... Then, Monday, one friend cancels. Bummer. Tuesday night, it starts to rain. Bigger bummer.
But, Don't worry... we went camping anyhow! We left a bit later on Wednesday hoping things might dry out, and after grabbing Kate and Kaleb we headed up to Kennebunkport for some Birthday camping!

As per his request I had reserved the same sites we were in last year. This boy hates change- and thankfully when I made the reservation they were able to book the "field" sites he wanted. We had some neighbors this time- the kids were nice; a bit overwhelming at times, but nice none the less.

We did pretty much the same things as last year, but had 3 days/2 nights to enjoy ourselves. I think the kids had a great time. They were all very excited about the trip.

The weather was cooler than we have been having, and I didn't swim the first day.... brrr. But, of course the kids got right in at the pool!

The campground is pretty big, and was very busy, but not so large/developed that you don't feel safe letting the kids wander. The Big Kids had their bikes and rode all around exploring. Wes wanted to be pushed, I think mostly he didn't want to get left behind! He isn't usually a big fan of the stroller- but he is fighting a bug, and while he was a trooper, I know he wasn't feeling great either.

Dad and Jayson came up for the day Thursday. I knew Jay wasn't going to make it overnight in the tent, so I didn't give him the option of coming along for the whole time. It was perfect that Poppie was willing to bring him for the day so he could be included! I wanted him to have in on the fun, but wasn't interested in driving him home in the middle of the night. As it often happens when the boys get together there was a lot of gun fighting... Wes even packed the heat! He was pretty cute "shoo shoo-ing" everyone with his weapon. I hope the neighbors thought it was cute, anyhow... nothing like a baby with a gun!

Bill had the follow up from his MRI and had to scoot out, but made it back in time to help with supper- It wasn't the best meal- but steak, potatoes and corn cooked over the campfire was pretty ambitious, especially after the first night's meal of hot dogs roasted over the fire!

After the sun went down, there was plenty of time for s'mores making, and hanging out by the fire. Bill wasn't too keen on going "unplugged" and kept up on his phone! We played some charades with the neighbors and had a good time... but 2 nights on the hard ground is about all my back could take!

I think the tidal river and salt marsh eco system were one of the main draws for Billy wanting to come back here. It is such a cool place for kids to play- and they were right down there as soon as the tide went out!

I'm not sure I've ever been any where else where you could catch hermit crabs. Olivia just swam around fishing them off the bottom! There is a nice sandy bank, but also a ton of slippery, slimy marsh mud. Perfect for belly flops and mud fighting!

I am thankful we got in a few more days of "vacation" this summer. As busy as we are, I know how important these trips are to the kids... And as much as the packing/prep and execution takes some of the pleasure out for me; I love the memory making part! I told Bill we may have to make Salty Acres an annual thing-- Wes has been every year of his life! For our tastes the campground is too busy, but the kids love the freedom to roam, the camp roads and amenities make it fun for them. Id guess about 90% of the cars/guests we saw were French Canadian, so I tried to convince Bill we were sort of in a foreign country... he didn't go for it....! I guess we will have to let Billy choose, I wonder if he will pick a camping birthday next year?!

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