Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Week with No Girls

Alternately titled: Spoil Billy Week!

The girls are in Virginia with Auntie Anna and Uncle Eddie (they are nannies for Baby Nic!) and that leaves just the boys at home... what to do? Spoil them! We have been trying to find fun things to do (adding them into our otherwise busy schedule...) so Billy feels a bit special about this week too! My pictures are all out of order... but I'm too lazy to upload them all again...

We met Grandma Beth, Kaleb and Jayson at the Children's museum one day for some serious fun. Wes had never been, and once he warmed up, he had a great time!
The big boys ran around like lunatics for a while, then settled in to a large post office set up they have. Kaleb in particular was very into the "job."

We were on double duty helping Grandma Houston... the upcoming Fox Hunt added work to her week, and she was down her helpers with Anna and the girls gone. We had fun riding the trails with her on her Rhino!

We spent one afternoon at the Lake House too, helping move some furniture and fishing. Billy caught 2 fish, but wasn't able to land either of them... the ones that got away I suppose. He got stung by a wasp (he has a terrible fear of bees and wasps) and was pretty sad about the whole thing. We went down to Poor People's Pub... and the day ended better!

Kaleb spent a few days here, and one day Morgan was over and spent the night here too. We took Grandma over to Shaw's Ridge and played a round of mini golf. Kaleb played along with Grandma, while Billy and Wes and I loosely "played" up ahead.

There was a great swing set, and the boys played there a while. Wes is into swings and slides now, in addition to his love of climbing. The big boys played navy seals with the climbing wall and rope- they liked to repel down! A swing set is major or my list of wants... if only I didn't want so many other things too... sigh!

Shaw's Ridge also makes their own ice cream, and I spoiled Wes with a cone like Brother's! He love sprinkles, so this chocolate sprinkle cone was just perfect! I'm not sure he even made a dent in in, but it was so worth it to see him sitting there trying to lick at it!

Billy also had his first structured riding lesson. He loved it! He rode Tucker at the barn where Liv and Savy ride, and he is anxious to go back already! I'm thankful Grandma Houston is up for it, because these lessons have been great for the girls... and Billy is ready to go!

We have missed the girls, but I know they are having a great time! I enjoyed the time with my boys!

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