Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Funny Story

Well, it's funny now...

Earlier this week Billy had Kaleb and Morgan over. I had to do the horses on OakWoods Road and took all 4 boys with me. As they tumbled out of the truck, Billy asked them if they wanted to see an enormous bees nest. Ben had shown this massive nest to us the week before. Of course they wanted to see it! And off they ran with Wes tagging along behind.

I went into the barn and started cleaning, I could hear them on the other side of the wall clearly in awe of the hive. Then... "bang, bang, bang!" The bigger boys started shrieking and I could tell this wasn't going to be good. As I hurried out of the stall, Wes started screaming! I picked up my pace and ran around the side of the barn yelling "Tell me you didn't just rile up the bees and leave Wes to fend for himself....?!" Sure enough, he had been stung... and Billy was carrying him commando style, practically in a headlock across the paddock towards me. Billy is very afraid of bees and wasps, and was pretty panicked by the whole situation; was it the bees? or was it me calling them out for leaving his little Bro? I don't know, but he had a hustle on and was trying to get the very upset Wes to Mama.

Then comes the electric fence. Billy was, as I mentioned a little panicked so as we came together at the fence line... he thrusts Wes towards me, pressing his poor forehead directly into the electric tape. Now, Kay and Ben have a nice farm set up, with everything in working order (unlike us, where our fences rarely have charge) and top notch everything. So, there is Wes with this 2 inch band of electric tape running straight across his forehead and his lower half dangling into the second strand.... Major Big Brother faux pas... certainly not his finest hour... Wes is being shocked big time!!

Eventually the current makes it's way thru Wes and into Billy... he gets shocked right about the time I'm finished shouting "the fence is ONNNNN!" and drops poor Wes. I dragged him out from under the line and tended to his sting. Certainly not Brother's best; in a matter of minutes he feeds Westley to the bees, then electrocutes and drops him. I think he felt pretty bad about the whole thing... later in the week when he got stung, I didn't have to point out the karma... he got it on his own!

Now, Mom tells me, that in a separate conversation with Kaleb he acted somewhat disappointed when he told her that they had "electrocuted" Wes and his hair "didn't curl!" Boys. Geeze.

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