Saturday, August 22, 2009

Storyland '09

This week we took our annual trip to Storyland! My Mom tries to take the grand kids every summer... it's a fun family amusement park (based on fairy tales) with rides and activities for kids of all ages. It works well for us, since Jay (age 3) and Olivia (aged 12) can both have a blast!
We went Thursday afternoon after the afternoon cut-off (3pm) where you get a free pass for the next day- that's our usual plan... get there late afternoon and have a few hours before they close, then return the next day for a full day of fun! It wasn't too hot, nor too muggy (which it has been lately) so we were able to really enjoy ourselves! The kids were all well behaved- waiting on line in the heat can often bring out the "best" in them!

Over the course of the 2 days we did all the rides, played quite a bit in all the activity centers and saw their circus show. It started to rain just was we were running out of steam Friday afternoon- so a quick trip into the gift shop and they were all ready to head home!

Dad always borrows a buddy's cabin so we can stay the night for free- and he cooked us a nice chicken bar-b-que Thursday night. Even though Billy is still fighting his bug he was up for everything and wore himself right out! He fell asleep on the couch but the rest of us stayed up playing games (there is no TV/internet) and reading. It really is a fun trip and the kids look forward to it each year! Jayson is just the perfect age- tall enough to ride everything (with an adult) and he is fearless, so he went right along with the "big kids!" He was so cute to watch running and skipping all over the park. Hopefully they will all have fond memories of this family tradition.

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  1. That looked like a blast!! I like the idea of the cabin! Sounds wonderful. I would love to rent a cabin up in TN. The kids look like they all had fun on all the rides.