Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mid Winter

One day last week I drove the kids out to the "bus stop" (the end of the driveway!) as it was very cold:
That is -8f at 6:20 when I took Olivia out. Brrrr. We are in the midst of winter for sure! It seems like the heart of the dark cold days but, we are into February already?! I'll be glad for Spring~ this winter had been a real Ol' fashioned one! We have had plenty of cold, and more than our fair share of snow! Typically we either get a cold winter, or a snowy one... but this year we are getting both!

I try to get Wes out when I can... we have had some days where it never gets out of the single digits- so on those days he is stuck inside. All the other days we go out if only for a few minutes. Sometimes I think it takes longer to get all the gear on that we actually spend outside! He loves being out there though, and even enjoys riding the snowmobile with Daddy!

Savanna and Bill have taken some longer outings on the sled, and are really enjoying it. Bill loves pulling the kids around on the toboggan behind him. I have even gone a few times to putz around the field. The other afternoon the setting sun was beautiful. With trying not to slide off and holding onto Wes I couldn't get a good picture- but it sure was pretty!

I am thankful for the new truck and it's plow. Bill has had to move a lot of snow! The kids have had 3 snow days, 2 early releases and a late start! They are all home today. School was called off yesterday afternoon for today! We got another foot or so, but I was prepared for up to 20 inches, so it doesn't seem that bad! The horses are all doing well- Squeeke did have some funny snow balls in her hooves the other afternoon, but otherwise everyone is fairing nicely. On some of the colder days I've added oats and beet pulp to their meals, and I always double the hay rations for the cold spells. It won't be too long now until the mud and black flies arrive!

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