Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Diet Update

I have been slowly working my way thru the pitfalls of dieting in a household of 5 other non-dieters! It is certainly a challenge to try to cut calories when there are plenty of snack foods, dessert opportunities and activities to attend. Overall I am happy with how well I have been doing; Yesterday marked 5 weeks, and I am down 12.8lbs. I hit my first mini-goal with this weigh in- so that was nice. I am just about on schedule, my goal had been 2lbs a week. I'm not sure I will be able to maintain that level of loss for ever, but now while there is so much to go I'd like to see 8lbs a month. It is sad to think I'm down this far and you can't really even see a difference... When I think about it, its sort of overwhelming... I really do have a long way to go! I'll be excited when my clothes start to get too big, that will be my first real reward for the hard work! I have had some slip ups here and there, a splurge or two but overall I remain committed to this- even though it is difficult!


  1. You are doing great and sounds like you are right on track!! It is a mind game and don't get discouraged YOU ARE DOING AWESOME!!! Sometimes it seems to drag by and that you aren't loosing fast enough but you will get to a point very soon that you will start to thing "shoot I lost that much already!" It is discouraging when you are doing the hardest work and no one notices but it is like a switch one day EVERYONE will start to notice. It took about 15lbs for people to start to see the difference. Even my own husband. He actually noticed after alot of my friends. Try not to think of that "big" number because it can get you down. Focus on the week to week. Trust me you have gotten past the hardest part those first few weeks SUCKED for me. Then it just got easier. And having a few bad days is no big deal. It is all about just getting back to it the next day or even the next time you eat. It is all a mind game like I said. You let yourself feel crappy for splurging then say why even try I screwed up already. That is when you start to get in trouble. But splurging then saying that was yummy now what will I eat at my next meal that is healthy or that will make up for it. Ok sorry to blab on and on about it but I was in your shoes not to many months ago and having people to encourage me really helped keep me going.

  2. You are doing really well and even a loss of a few ounces adds up each week. I have been working on my weight since last April and have lost 30 pounds with a few slips here and there that I have had to re-lose. No one started noticing until I had lost about 20 but I started feeling it much sooner when my clothes started not being so tight. :o)

    Love the name of your blog and your header! I was never very good at flying changes so I admire those that can do them effortlessly. My horse was good at them as other people could do them on him but I was the pits! ha!

    I came over from Sue's place and am a Mainer too. :o)

  3. Alex - that is incredible - well done!!! :)