Thursday, February 17, 2011


Savanna's grade started out the school year with some standardized testing so the start of band practice was delayed a bit. This meant they were not ready for a Holiday Concert. They had their first performance yesterday.
A lot of kids have been sick (Savy had just gone back to school after our bug) so some of the concert was cut short, but otherwise they sounded great... if you've ever been to an elementary band concert you should know what I mean :) Savanna is a first year percussionist, and has been doing really well. She is the only 1st year so she basically has weekly private lessons! She has lucked out in that way and is already caught up to the 2nd year kids!

Savanna and Kate did a duet- they picked a pretty easy song and sounded awesome. Mrs Hewitt, the band director said some nice things about how far and fast Savanna has come! She loves her "flams" (playing with both sticks just a second off of each other) and showcased them for the adoring crowd!

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