Sunday, February 20, 2011

Busy Girls

This weekend was a busy one... Savanna had a cheer competition and Olivia had a horse show. We had to divide and conquer to get it all done! Yesterday Wes and I and Savy went to Scarborough for her cheer competition~ They did it again...
1st place 2 weeks in a row! Yahoo! The girls did great despite their coach not being able to attend. It was such a thrill, they look so amazing- their routine is so awesome! There were some teams that were in Lewiston last weekend, and some other teams too- it was fun to see the new routines. I looks like they will be one of the teams to beat this season!
Today while Savanna had her team pictures Olivia and Bill headed down to Rhode Island for a show down there. Despite me sending them to the wrong farm, they managed alright on their own. I remember showing with my Dad and having those "stuck in the car, can't get away" conversations... so I was glad to send them on the long drive!

As usual her class is late in the day, and apparently the horses were getting tired and cranky. So, despite being over the weight limit for this little guy she pulled she rode him anyhow! She said he was quick, not a pokey pony like he looked and she enjoyed riding him.

She got 2nd place! She only needs 2 more points to qualify for regionals, so fingers crossed that she can make those at the last show! It will be exciting for her to qualify her first year!
You go Girls! We are so proud of you!!

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