Sunday, February 27, 2011


Yesterday, down in Florida Bill's Mum and Dad had to say goodbye to their dear dog Beagle. He had been ailing a while now but they had been trying everything to keep him going... but when his kidney's shut down, there was not much more for him to look forward to. This was very sad for them, and for us here in Maine. He was a crazy old dog, but very much a part of Bill and Beth. Beagle wandered into their lives as a stray at Misty Meadows. While trying to locate his home or owners Bill told me he was ignored; known as the beagle (who wouldn't leave the porch!) He had picked his place, and wouldn't leave. I suppose he knew when he had landed in the right spot, for a homeless dog could never have gotten luckier! Beagle quickly became part of the family- in fact when Wes was born I was taken to calling him "Uncle Beagle!" He was such a character- he knew he had a good life, and liked it that way! He wanted his biscuits- right on time please! He had to share Beth's morning toast crusts and went with them to Florida every year (where he would make the rounds of the neighborhood being served cookies by all this lady friends!) I know their drive back North this year will be odd without him, and we sure will miss his lumpy self! So, R.I.P dear Uncle Beagle~ may you have all the biscuits you want, and bark to your hearts content!


  1. just sending out big HUGS amoung lots of tears.. nothing better in the world than a dear old dog... I sure do miss mine....

  2. It's so hard losing these members of our families. They sure can bury themselves deep in our hearts.