Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kaleb's Birthday

This week it will be Kaleb's 10th birthday! One of the very first things I did with Bill and the Kids (In fact, I think it was when Em, and Mom and Dad first met them all) was go down to Melrose for Kaleb's birthday... He must have been turning 3 I think?! It was a Thomas the train themed party and I still remember how cute he was...
Fast forward to last night when Em and Kurt hosted his Army guy party! We all went over to celebrate (even though Wes had been throwing up the night before...) with them. Billy went over Friday night, and spent the night so he was able to go with a few of K's school chums to play lazer tag and run around the arcade. We arrived in time for pizza, cake and ice cream (diet wreckers!)
Em made a great cake with army vs. knights. They had a great "set up" on the cake with all of the figures mid battle! We gifted Kaleb his very own chick (which he can pick out in a few weeks- if spring ever decides to make an appearance in New England!) the will live in our flock. I hope he likes it, I know that he and Billy love playing with the chickens; now he will have one that is his own!

I'm not sure how I got these cool glowing reflections? of the flames in all of my picture of him blowing out his candles... Anyhow, we had fun, ate way too many calories and helped Kaleb usher in the double digits! Happy Birthday K!!

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  1. Fairies! Magic fairies!! Except they aren't in my photos, lol!!