Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cheer Competition 2-13-11

Savanna had her first cheer competition today~ The Noble Youth Shining Stars did amazing. Savy and her squad rocked the arena in Lewiston today! We (S and I) were a little nervous about getting her all ready- but she looked great! Her new uniform fits so nicely, her hair piece was a perfect match to her hair color, and her bow stayed put!
Parents are banned from watching the weekly practices, so I honestly had not seen the routine all start to finish with the music. I was blown away by these girls! In fact, all (40!!) of the teams to performed today were great. I found the whole day quite interesting. If it weren't for Savanna I would never ever have any reason to be near a cheer squad. It's certainly not a sport I ever put much thought into. I would never say that I could get into it... but I got swept away today! These girls have so much spirit... and Oh My! What atheleticism!! There was no way you could be in that arena and not feel it!
I was really enjoying watching the teams go, but I was also getting nervous for Savy. I knew she was a bit worried about messing up! We shouldn't have worried! The Shining stars were the second to last to go in their age catergory and division... Not knowing too much about what the judges were looking for I didn't have much to go on. I just took my pictures, cheered like crazy and teared up when Savy had a flawless performance. I knew they looked great, the routine was awseome...

and all their hard work really paid off! The girl's WON!!! Their first competition (Sav's first ever!) and a State wide one too boot... Yipee!! Infact, Noble swept the event. We won 4 out of 5 of the catergories. The preK-3rd grade got 4th place, but everything else was won by Noble! Our coaching staff is amazing, and we have some super girls. The high school team won the over all Champions for the day, having the highest score of any team there! For a first experience it was surely one we wont forget! Savanna was a little taken aback by all the girls/parents who were crying after the awards ceremony. I had to explain that they won't win 1st place every time, and this was a pretty cool thing for the team! I was so proud; I got a little misty myself... I'm so glad she is so into this. It's very cool to be a part of something like this... lets hope next weekend's comp goes just as well!

Some things I learned as a first time Cheer Mom:
1. stand in line, even if its cold and you would rather stay in the car... you will get a better seat!
2. dont feel badly asking another Mother to do your girls' hair... its better that the curls stay put!
3. keep taking pictures even with your eyes blurry with tears- they will come out anyhow!


  1. Yay! Congrats on the win! She looks amazing!

  2. Awesome that they won!! That's the best feeling in the world! My team just won regionals here in sweden, next up- Nationals!