Sunday, February 13, 2011

IEA Show 2-6-11

ETA: Because I am tired of struggling to make my phone sync with the computer I found a new way to post my pictures from there... I've taken shots of the picture on the phone with my camera! Here is Olivia at the show
Last weekend Olivia had another IEA show, this time at Volo in Westford, Ma. It was a nice place; terrible parking issues with all the snow, but a well run event with lovely horses. Unfortunately Billy had borrowed my memory card and never put it back in the camera, I didn't notice until I was ready to shoot her class. Ugg. I've been waiting to see if any of the other parents sent along pictures, but no such luck. So, this is the photo-less post to remember the day!

She rode a very nice, large horse. He was a pretty handsome strawberry roan, an odd color for the big drafty type that he was which made him easy to spot. Liv enjoyed her ride, and she looked great! She did very well with him; had some lovely moments- a perfect walk/canter transition right in the center of the arena for example... and struggled here and there- a late downward from canter/walk. All in all it was a great ride and she placed 3rd! She got 4 more points, and with 2 shows left it is still possible she may qualify for regionals! I wish I had some pictures, but you'll have to take my word for it- she looked great out there!

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