Friday, December 11, 2009

Sibling Class

Even though these kids are "older" and pretty experienced at being brothers/sisters, I wanted them to have the full experience with this new baby. So, last night they went to sibling class! Well, actually it wasn't really a class- a private run thru for them as we had to miss the class Monday (Billy's concert) night. They did diapering and dressing, got to see the hospital rooms and all the equipment and watched a pretty lame video. I think the usual brother/sisters they get are much younger, but Savanna for one was very excited to have HER class... since Daddy and I go to ours all the time! They made cute fleece blankets for the baby and hopefully got their questions answered and a sense of comfort with the hospital and birthing unit. One more event down, and another day closer to bringing him home!

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  1. Hey Alex, haven't posted in a while, just too darn busy, but I do catch up on the blog and am so excited for all the great things that you have going!!!! Loved seeing the "class" and noticed that was Deb Young!!! so glad that things are going well, and just know that I am still "lurking" out here....