Sunday, December 6, 2009

First real snowfall

Given that I can't venture out, I'd have to guess we got about 5 inches of fluffy white powder over the course of the afternoon and evening yesterday- it was our first measurable amount and has really added to the festive mood! I hate the thought of a brown Christmas, so while this will not likely last, it gives me hope for the holiday!
All of the kids were anxious to be out and enjoying the first snowfall of the season, Billy and Savanna played quite a while this morning, and then after her BFF Kate arrived Savanna and she headed back out for an afternoon romp! Otis was extremely glad for the snow- as it was cause for a good deal of outside time! I had forgotten about wet snow suits and soggy mittens, snowballs in dog fur and pads, slippery tiles around the doors and melting puddles across the house... but I have to admit, that even with all of that, I'm glad for the snow! Plus, there is so much to be said for rosy red cheeks, tales of snowball fights and mugs of hot cocoa. Welcome winter!

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