Sunday, December 6, 2009

Getting Ready

Tomorrow will mark the 34th week of our pregnancy. My girlfriend Kelley and her hubby Geoff will welcome their little boy this week (her high blood pressure is cause for an induction... not the original plan, but necessary for a happy mom, happy baby) at their 37 week mark... prompting me to "get serious" about getting ready. I hope that between this week and next we can accomplish the rest of the prep we have left....
Top on this list is the assembly of quite a number of items: a super cute swing from Auntie Anna and Uncle Eddie, our new (had to return the original...wouldn't carry an infant seat) stroller from Grandma and Grandpa Houston as well as the car seat and pack-n-play my Mom and Dad got us. Bill better get busy- this pile of boxes is blocking our dressers!
We have piles and heaps of toys and odds and ends that need to be "homed." I can tell this little one is going to take over our lives with his stuff! Its already crowded and he's not even here yet!
His dresser arrived on Thanksgiving (thanks Mom and Dad) and is all set up and filled with clothes and blankets. His changing pads are covered and ready to go. I have a lot of arranging to do, and there is still quite a bit I'm not sure what to do with, but I know we will sort it all out once we get to actual use the things. Heaps and piles- that's how it looks for now, but I'd better get going... my goal is to have all of this out of the way before we get too much closer to Christmas... I want to be ready in the event that we "go" early (as Kelley is having to do) and also I want to be able to relax (as best I can- this belly is starting to get in my way!) and enjoy the holiday before the baby madness begins!

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