Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas tree '09

Getting the tree- as far as I am concerned, walking out into the tree farm and scouring the snow for the perfect shape and size is among the best parts of the process. I certainly remember tagging and cutting our trees as kids, and hope that these kiddos fondly remember the "hikes" thru the snow and such. I remember the year Bill felled the tree onto Olivia and I watched as she was "leveled" by the falling tree! We laughed about it on the way out to get our tree this year, and I was sad to have to stay in the truck. You never know what might happen out there!
We cut our tree from a small local farm across the street from my friend Linda's home. Beau and I (and Sonny once too I think) have trail ridden thru this farm and although I don't pay too much attention to them, we have ridden among the Christmas trees. So, in that respect I felt "connected" to our tree in a way I never have before. Bill and the kids did a great job picking one out... its a bit "thin" with spare branches and an uneven shape- but it has tons of character, and I think they got us a good one!
The girls helped Bill set it up, while I rested in the recliner. The did a great job, and we are enjoying the new spot Olivia picked out. We moved the bookcase, and will use this space for the baby's pack-n-play after the holiday. It is a bit close to the stove, but we are careful to water every day and it is doing great! I was afraid it might get too dry... but we have been really lucky- that's the difference with a fresh tree. Plus the change is furniture is fun for the kids, and I am enjoying it too, now that the recliner has been moved back into a usable position.
The kids did a great job decorating. Olivia strung the lights, and we all helped with the balls and ornaments. Grandma and Grandpa Houston arrived just as we were finishing up, and we were all able to enjoy the glow after the sun went down. I sure do love the shimmer and shine of all the Christmas decorations.
Bill is always a bit "bah-hum-bug" with the tree- and he was annoyed with me stressing him out about the horses, so this was his view. I think he put one ornament on at the very end after Savanna begged him! He drank coffee, took pictures and just let us enjoy the process. I had to do most of my work from my rolling desk chair- but all in all the tree came out great!

I'm sure like anything, beauty is in the eye of the beholder- but I think it is lovely. It has all of our family ornaments and colored lights and balls, and plenty of candy canes! I wonder what the tree will look like next year?! I suppose with an 11 month old, there will be far fewer balls at ground level!


  1. Hey! That's my kind of tree! Now I'll have to post a photo of mine!

  2. It looks perfect - how festive!