Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Off!

Monday morning I had my follow up at the Orthopedics's office. I was thrilled when they took the hard cast off- even before x-ray! On film the ankle looked great- there is quite a bit of hard wear, I was impressed with how it all looked from the inside. Based on the great level of healing, and the support of all that metal the Dr. suggested we skip the air boot and get right to walking!
Since I only have 6 weeks until my due date, that was fine with me! This way we get right on to weight bearing, and hopefully I'll be walking without the crutches in a few weeks, and by January will maybe be feeling back to normal! For now though... it's pretty ugly!
The whole limb is massively swollen and looks pretty icky... not maybe as bad as it could, but still pretty gross with dead skin and such. I took the liberty of soaking in 3 tubs full of hot water before I took these, so you wont be too disgusted! The swelling is such that the leg has no real definition, it's quite alarming sometime to look down at it! The scar (in my opinion- having no other scars) is pretty impressive, and will likely be visible even after the healing is complete. Oh well, battle scars and good stories- I'll have them both!
The top of my foot, and heel are a pretty purple and red combination, while the incision site is still pretty red too. The edema should go down in a few weeks, especially if I am able to slowly start to work it. Small steps for now, with the crutches or pushing a chair ahead of me... 2 weeks or so and hopefully I can go unassisted... then a few more weeks for strength and flexibility... then it will be baby carrying time! For now I'm doing what I can, resting when I need and trying to avoid meds. We are doing well so far, and although there is some pretty significant discomfort I'm working thru and can't wait to be back on my feet full time!

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