Thursday, December 31, 2009

ringing in 2010

I sit here in my basement, listening to the sounds of the kids playing "pet shops" on the living room floor, happily sipping my warm (sweet and creamy) coffee, sucking the remains of some chocolate off my teeth, waiting for 2010. Bill and I just had a nice cuddle (now he is plugged into WOW for the evening) my belly is full- baby is quiet and for the moment I am comfortable... what a great opportunity to reflect on what the past year has given us, and look forward to what we are yet to receive.

2010 is surely going to begin an amazing adventure for us; with the ever approaching arrival of the baby, things will certainly be changing! I am anxious for the stroke of midnight, the drop of the ball... I am so ready to meet this lovely little boy, but I also have some trepidations... this will be uncharted water for all of us! 2009 was quite an interesting year- with many highs and lows... and when I think about where we have been, where we have come and where we are headed it becomes a bit overwhelming! I think we are ready: the kids are happy and healthy and doing great at school. The critter are all well; Beau seems to be holding his own (thank our lucky stars and knock on wood!) and I am looking forward to riding in the spring! My ankle is healing well, PT is going great and I am getting stronger every day, despite the ever growing abdomen. We are physically ready, financially ready, and hopefully emotionally ready for our new little one and I can't wait to meet him. To see what he has in store for us; to begin this new chapter in our lives. 2010 is shaping up to be a great year.

Beyond the new baby, Bill's Mom and Dad bought back their original home and will be moving back to the farm this spring. My Mom and Dad just purchased a cabin an hour or so North of here- what will prove to be a lovely place for us all to meet for summertime (well, winter too!) fun and relaxation. I hope to be back in the saddle fairly quickly come spring... if baby and ankle allow! I want to revisit Acadia, start some home modifications (another bedroom and bath... maybe a mudroom too?!) and just enjoy time with our family. Remembering to take time with each of the kids individually will be a top priority, but beyond that what 2010 has in store for us is anybodies guess.

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  1. sending you many good wishes for 2010 and as soon as you are "taking visitors" we will want to come and meet little Ben.....