Sunday, December 20, 2009

4th grade Chorus Concert

Savanna had the opportunity to join either (or both) Chorus or Band this year. She opted to sing and we were so proud of her for picking it up, and sticking with it... she really enjoys music, and we knew she would do well... but it meant giving up a few recess periods and going to practices etc. She did great, practicing at home and really being involved at school.
This past Monday was their holiday concert- I didn't get any good shots of them up on the risers singing, but Olivia managed to snap a few of her waiting. She wore her holiday outfit (well shirt and necklace) from last year with brown leggings and the high heeled brown boots she has been coveting of Kate's. Kate is such a great friend... she gave them to Savanna for Christmas, and our little singer was thrilled to wear them to her concert! The kids were great- they sang beautifully. I know I am biased, but Savanna and Kate were in the front row right in the middle and sang their little hearts out! I think we have a Tony award winner in the making- she ate the audience right up, and was all smiles and swayed to the music. I love the sounds of little voices ringing in the season, and Savanna and her chorus made it extra special this year!

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