Monday, May 2, 2011

Building Changes

Last week was my birthday... and for my birthday (and Christmas!) I got a new barn! Well, the building permit for OUR new barn that is! Bill and I have been talking about doing this off and on for years- and the time is finally right! We got started a few weekends ago, and it will be a project for sure... but I hope, by the time snow flies to have just about tripled our "barn" space! The barn addition will sit along the back side and back gable end of the existing shop/barn. We are adding 7 new stalls (I'll have 9 total) with a T shaped aisle. The shop will become hay storage, as we are not going up 2 stories. I can't wait to have a cozy spot to tuck everyone into when the weather is gross, and Bill is thrilled to pieces at the idea of a flat, level spot to shoe!

After the trees were down, stumps and rocks removed; we began on drainage! One of the things I hate the most in barns in mud! I can't stand a muddy door yard, and stalls need to be high and dry! The building lot is on a slope, and I do battle mud and much back here, so Bill was careful to address the drainage. I hope all the time, effort and $$ pay off~ I want a mud free zone around the barn!

Setting the posts became the first big job after clearing and drainage.... This will be a post construction, so these first poles are very important! Both Big Bill and my Dad came over this weekend to help- while I was away playing with Mom at CKC, they got a lot done! There are just 2 more posts to set, and then the leveling and filling will begin!

I have to admit, that having this space is thrilling me to pieces, but the prospect of starting on my arena space is what I'm most looking forward to! I can't wait!! We have been looking at portable saw mills to have someone come on site to mill up the trees we will drop for my riding arena- then we will use the boards for the interior of the stalls! It's looking like a wet week, so I don;t know how much we will accomplish (and my back is acting up again) but such is life when its a "do it yourself" kind of job~ I'll keep you posted...


  1. How exciting! Lucky you and lucky ponies!
    P.S. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a good one! :)

  2. How exciting - what a great project! :)

  3. Love the photos! It will seem like a long time coming, but soon it will be done and you will have a real barn for the first time ever!!!! Pony heaven!!!

  4. ALEX!!! I am just so THRILLED for you!!!this is so wonderful and I know it will make things so much easier for you and the "ponies"... keep us posted with lot of pictures, we love building projects (especailly when we are not doing them!!!!) and Happy Birthday!!!!

  5. How exciting!!! You will be so excited to get it all finished! My husband is still building our barn...a year later! It's taken forever! It's almost all closed in now. Some day we will have stalls in there!! ha ha ha ha!