Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Barn Update

This past weekend Bill and my Dad and I were able to dedicate a whole day to barn work. Bill has been plucking away at it, and my Dad has put in some long hours and hard labor and the progress really shows! I am happy with how quickly things are moving along- well up until this week of rain!
The gurters and floor trusses are all in and they were starting the strapping that will support the metal roofing on the back side. The stalls are all laid out and Ive got at least a load of stone dust into and level in each one. A few of them have settled and had another scoop put in. I think the next step is finishing up the strapping than the roof goes up! The rear portion will have a small loft, so the rafters need to be done there... but it's coming along!

I think you can really "see" now what things will look like- on this side it will be an aisle to the left, and stalls on the right. I think the first stall will be my grain "room" and then on the back end it is aisle on the right of the picture and stalls on the left. These stall are "tiered" and we still have to play with the grade; there will be a slope to the aisle. I'm hopeful I can coax Bill into cutting some trees soon so the arena work can begin!

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  1. wow Alex, it really is coming along, by the time Abbie is riding age, you will have a nice arena for her to come and take lessons (?) hopefully this rain is on it's way out, so we can all get back to those outside projects....