Saturday, May 7, 2011

Baby Nic

Sadly i do not have any pictures... an unfortunate oversight meant my camera battery stayed at home... But, I am thrilled to report I have a new nephew!

Baby Nicholas Dean arrived this morning (1:48am to be exact) and made Auntie Anna and Uncle Eddie into Mom and Dad! He is an adorable little guy, all 8 pounds 12 ounces of him- a dark fuzz and deep grey blue eyes. He came into this world after a series of "anomalies." Anna did not react to the meds given in her epidural and she had to labor thru some pretty rough spots after they started the pitocin. He is broad in the chest, and although his head was moving down after 24 hours of pretty uncomfortable effort, the call was made and he came quickly via a c-section. He has done well~ we "mobbed" the room and he slept and was passed around from lap to lap all afternoon. He never made a peep and was as adorable as could be! I got *just* my fair share of kisses and snuggles... I need to go back with a smaller crowd (and no Wes~ he was pretty jealous!) Anna is doing well, sore of course and very tired but managing just fine! I am so happy for them, and very excited for this new nephew and playmate for Westley!

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  1. WHAT?? NO PHOTOS??? Get some from Eddier for goodness' sake! Where were the cell phones???