Saturday, May 28, 2011

14- yikes!

On Wednesday Olivia turned 14! It blows my mind that she is really that old! She is such a great kid, hardly the "terrible teenager" people dread.

We had her family party today- after a few days of heat it was a bit overcast and terribly buggy. We bar-b-qued, and ate inside! The mosquitoes hatched this week, and they are terrible! Between the black flies and the 'squitoes, it's "at your own risk" outside!

Mom and Dad are taking all the big boys to Conway for the rest of the weekend; they are very excited to get up there and get to Story Land! Jayson wrote a very sweet card for Olivia- he obviously worked very hard on his letters, and was very proud to give it to her. It said something about him loving her, her loving him and them being best friends and playing together... very sweet~
These glasses were in one of the bags from Grandma Houston- Wes had to try them out!

Happy Birthday Liv!

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  1. Happy Birthday. I hope my girls are nice teenagers too. You got lucky!