Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beach Day

Olivia's birthday weekend was also Memorial Day weekend and the weather was beautiful! She had planned a day at the beach with her friends after a sleepover (with their tent in the new barn!) Savanna, Wes and I went along for some fun in the sun as the boys were all at the cabin in Conway.

I took the crew to Fort Foster in Kittery Point for the day and it was lovely. The park was very busy since it was a holiday, but we layed out on the grass and moved down onto the sand as soon as we could!
Wes had such a great time in the sand and water. It was about 80 out- warm but not too hot, a real perfect beach day. The water was cool, but of course Olivia ended up diving in head first! I think the girls enjoyed the activity, and I had a fun time watching them all- the one eating sand, and the ones catching crabs with boys. Wait- that didn't come out right.... well, you know what I meant!

I can't wait for more summer days- Westley is going to have so much fun this year. I think he might be the perfect age for all these adventures. Wait, maybe 14 is the perfect age...

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