Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Barn Work

Trees came down today. I've been waiting for this day; although Bill was sad to see these pines go, in my opinion they were only standing in the way of my arena space!

After Dad and Bill worked this weekend, we had the basic structural supports for the roof up. All of the floor joists for my small loft space and the rafters were in place plus all the strapping for the roof to sit upon. It was a major visual difference- here you can see the rear elevation.
How dare Bill drive thru my arena! This space to the left of the barn will be my most favorite place on the property I think! I should easily have 60 X 120 for riding and I am thrilled. Getting them cut was the first step. The trees will now need to be limbed and hauled off for the guys from the mill, but it was good to see the job started. The stumps may prove to be a little more of a challenge- Bill had all these pines down in just a few hours! He did manage to drop one on the back gate trying to avoid felling it onto the stone wall. The gate is smooched but the tree is blocking the opening, so the horses cant get thru... so I'm fine with it this way! I'll just have to add a new gate to the materials list. I think it is fun that we will be using the lumber milled from these trees for the interior walls in the barn. I hope it gives Bill some comfort that they didn't fall for nothing!

I was warned that after today progress will seem slow. The major projects with the most visible differences are done. From here on out, its smaller, slower more tedious jobs. I told Bill I really don't care- I'm thrilled with where we are at already!


  1. Man, that looks like it is going to be so much fun! I can't wait to see pictures of you riding in your new area!

  2. What a difference a roofline makes!!! it will look 'done' when the roof and side walls go on, that is when work really goes slow!

  3. anonymous is me, Mom, google accounts seem to be messed up

  4. Wow, those guys have been busy! It's looking great! I'll bet you can't wait until it's all done :)