Monday, April 25, 2011

Boys and Birds

Now that the snow has melted Wes is outside at every chance. He will bring you his boots when he wants to go out, and if you ignore him he will bring you your shoes and/or coat. When he is told "no" or "not yet" he will stand at the slider and watch the horses, dogs and chickens. He just wants to spend as much time outside as possible! I swear he would stay out all day if you let him! I will admit to bribing him inside a time or two... "cookie Wes?!"

He has found the chicken coop and really enjoys watching the hens. Now that we have the new chicks he likes them too, but he most enjoys watching the chickens eat! I can throw a scoop of scratch mix into their pen and he will be entertained for a long time! He hoots and squawks to them, and is especially interested when Billy hand feeds them. He didn't much like it when Brother tried to make him feed them too, but other than that he adores the fowl. Now, if he would only eat eggs!


  1. Wow, you have been busy. Wes is growing like a weed and looks great in a tie.. Fun post about the horses. We have one that the girls will sit and pet all day long.

  2. what is it with kids and chickens?? Abbie is just crazy about ours (she calls them "bucka,bucka" and if they come down to the house, she is just delighted... we have to go to the barn everyday and check on the bucka,buckas....and we really need to get her some boots, because the puddles are too tempting