Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

We had a great Easter this year- after the snowy day before, Easter Sunday was warm and sunny! It made for a perfect family day; after we hunted eggs and found our baskets we worked and played outside all afternoon! Then we had a nice dinner at Anna and Ed's with Grandma and Grandpa Houston. It was the perfect end to a lovely weekend and busy April vacation!

With the egg hunt and birthday celebrations, there was candy and good food all around! Wes had his fair share of high fructose corn syrup... but chocolate is good for you right?! He figured out opening the eggs pretty quick... and Ill be on the look out for foil coming out the back end- he was chomping down things left and right!

The bunny hid Wes' basket in a pretty easy spot. He especially loved his green match box car, and the egg toy from the first picture.

I got the kids new baskets this year- we needed one for Wes and Billy's was damaged last year. I found a matching set, and they worked out great! Billy had a blue theme, Wes green, Savanna pink and Liv, orange.

As usual Olivia's basket was the hardest to find. She had "given up" a few times and had to be coaxed to go back and look in some of the places she had already searched! She finally found hers well hidden in the linen closet in the bathroom.

After working and playing outside we got cleaned up for Easter dinner. I figured that if 9 month pregnant Auntie cooked us a full Easter dinner SOMEBODY ought to wear a tie! Wes was very cute~ but I admit my bias!!
The meal was great- Anna and Ed made a turkey since we had ham the day before at our house. The food was wonderful and it was a nice way to end the day! I love the family time we get to spend at holidays.


  1. I love the one of Wes with the mini-candy bar in his mouth - LOL! :)

  2. Cute cute baskets! And I love little Wes in a tie. Looks like you all had a great time!