Saturday, April 16, 2011


I've been pretty careful about Wes and the horses- he loves them and I want to be sure he can be safe before we get to "into" it! At first I wasn't sure whom I wanted him to "ride" first and that was my biggest hang-up. Last fall he was going to do a costume class with Beau- wearing his Halloween costume; but then Beau was sore and we skipped the show. During the prep for that though, he got plopped on Beau's back... so I was over that "who is first" part! Fast forward to now. Westley loves the horses! We hang around the fence and talk to them a lot. We stand at the slider and call to them a lot. We read his pony books a lot. "Horse" is one of the words he uses with clear intent. I know he loves them, and he is still so little... I have been trying to teach him to respect the fence, and while I don't trust him he knows not to go in with them. He watches very intently when I care for the two on Oakwoods Rd. I'm happy he shows such an interest but I'd rather he be respectful and safe especially since he isn't afraid of them! Yesterday on one of our treks outside we couldn't find the horses! We looked in both pens... and no horses?! So, Mommy showed him where the horses go... up to the field! Our grass is coming in, and they are leaving their hay to go search tender shoots and enjoy the sunshine! We walked up the hill and had a nice visit up in the big field. It was pretty cool out, but we had new boots to try and we needed to find those horses. All of the horses like Wes and will take turns at the fence sniffing hello. Poke is especially friendly, and yesterday he was simply darling with Wes! We watched from afar, then wandered closer. Poke came up to us and spent quite a while just saying hello! He was so slow, careful and concerned! I worry since I know he can't see- but that didn't stop him! After the others had gone back to grazing he stayed right by us so Wes could pat and love on him! I got some cute pictures and was pretty teary- he was being that sweet! I love this old guy- and especially with his chest wound this spring I worry about him... he is pushing 30 we guess. I'll treasure those moments he spent with us yesterday always... I can't describe how tender he was: for me, it was beyond words!


  1. how wonderful.. I can't wait to see Abbie on Ol Silver... my first grand daughter and my first "pony"... pictures and moments to be treasured always....

  2. Such a sweetie. Both of them. :)