Friday, April 15, 2011

Art show

This past week Billy and Savanna had art in the district Art Show. Because of the way her schedule worked (much to her dismay) Olivia didn't have art this year! Gasp! But, we had to go sign her up for High School (it's totally impossible to me!!!) classes and she picked "drawing and painting" as one of her electives... so we are all hopeful for next year!

Savanna had a 3-d piece exhibited. Hers is the clay hamburger on the bottom shelf! Billy had a neat collage piece hung in the show. They made different pictures, then tore them up to make lines of perspective. He added a house in the foreground, it is primarily blues and greens and is the one on the bottom.


  1. Whatr fun!! What kind of art classes is Mr. Westley taking??!?

  2. High School!!! She can't really be that old :(