Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Monkey

Look what Wes figured out last night! He often "helps" me cook dinner; standing on a chair while I prepare the meal. Well, he is super into feeding the dogs treats these days, and hates when you tell him "no!" The poor pups have been getting about 10 cookies at a time... and you have to cut him off or he would just keep feeding. He whines in the kitchen until you give him treats to throw to the boys; it's a favorite pass time. Well, after being shut down last night, he resigned himself to working with me on supper. Then, the light bulb went off. He pushed his chair to the other side of the room and climbed over the back to get up onto the counter to the canister! Unlucky for him I was standing right here!! What a monkey~ (and yes, the dogs did get one more treat!)

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