Friday, December 3, 2010


Wes took his first official walk today. Now, he has been on millions of walks, but they usually consist of Westley riding in either the backpack or stroller. Today, well, today he walked!

It wasn't too cold today and Wes was fussy even before 9am. One of the usual tricks to defunk a mood is to take Wes outside. Just going outside and standing there with Wes in your arms is a surefire way to make him happy. This morning I went out and noticed I hadn't cleaned the horse trailer (went for a ride with the girls Tuesday night) and set Wes down to pick up a pitchfork. Little Mr. Houston took off down the driveway...

He did fall a few times, but got right back up to walk... no crawling outside for him. He walked 2/3rds of the way down the drive by himself and did not want to come back to the house! So, this afternoon as it approached "bus time" we headed back out! We were going rather slow and had to go back for a hat (see the cute one Grandma Houston got me from L.L. Beans?!) so we didn't make it all the way in time but Wes walked almost all the way to the end of the driveway to meet Olivia! He was super cute; he was thrilled to be walking and kept wanting to hold hands. He was having such fun watching the dogs running in and out of the woods.

Until the snow flies I suspect we will be walking more and more! I guess we can hang up the pack and park the stroller- this guy is ready to do some real walkin'!


  1. ALEX,,, that is just TOO CUTE for words!!! that wonderful smile just lights up the room (or computer for that matter!!!).... we just HAVE to make a baby date!!!!

  2. Well done Wes! So cute - I love the smile :)

  3. Love his hat! I'll bet that made Olivia's day to get off the bus to that cute little smile.

  4. If you had a long enough bungee he could walk out to meet the buses... and you could yank him back if he got too close to the road...