Friday, December 17, 2010

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

The Hurd School Drama Club had their production of the Best Christmas Pageant Ever last night. Savanna Joy was cast as Maxine and we all went to watch her perform in the play.
The kids did such a good job with their parts, it was pretty flawless! They were all so cute in costume full of holiday spirit and pride in their production. They had done the show for the school earlier in the day so I think much of the nervousness and excitement had worn off and they did great!

Savanna has been looking forward to being on "stage" since last year. She had chosen to do photography club and missed out on drama but vowed to do it this year! She was great about memorizing her lines and cues and had a good time putting on the show. We were very proud of her~ center stage is her place for sure!

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