Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Tree '10

We decorated the 2010 Christmas tree last night! This might be the best tree we have ever cut! It is really perfect for the living room. Bill is very impressed with himself that he cut it the exact height we needed. I tried to tell him that he just really cut it at ground level, so it grew (and we picked it out) to the perfect height... but he won't hear it!
The kids did a nice job, I think it came out well. Nothing on the bottom 1/3rd is breakable, and I will now spend the next 3 weeks of so chasing after Wes and redecorating... but everyone is happy and the living room is starting to look festive! I can't wait until it is all loaded up and the kids are squealing....


  1. Oh Alex.. one of the best times of my life was having kids around .. espeically during the holidays... it's fun with Abbie too, but nothing like "your own kids"... enjoy, the time passes way too quickly

  2. What a nice, giant tree! A great photo of all of the kids decorating, too!