Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sam is 1

I can't believe it... Sam is one! Mr. Palmer turned the big 0-1 on Friday; a year already?! It is making me tear up typing this... I remember sitting here anxious to hear from Kelley and Geoff the day she went to the hospital~ no real intentions of having the baby... then with all the issues surrounding his birth... I remember being so excited for them when I finally heard he was born. I really and truly count myself blessed to be "following" this little guy as he grows up, and I can't quite get my mind around the whole first birthday bit!
Today Kelley and Geoff threw a party to celebrate the big day. Billy, Wes and I made the trek down to Ma. to be there for the event. It was a fun time; we all enjoyed ourselves and it was neat to be there to celebrate little Sam in his home surrounded by all the people who love him.
Naturally Sam was adorable (even with no nap!) and he was super happy to share all his cool toys. His cake was an amazing castle, complete with turrets and towers that was so yummy. In keeping with the theme Kelley had made fun felt crowns. I had to get Wes and Billy to wear theirs long enough for a quick shot.
Sam had lots of friends over, and Wes did very well among the other kids. He did a fair degree of interacting, and played like mad with the bulk of Sam's stuff, plus all the cool gifts he got too! It is so hard to believe that in 5 short weeks we will be celebrating Westley's big day!
As we were leaving I overheard Kelley telling another guest that "this was her village." As in, it takes a village to raise a child, and the friends and family that were there today were her support system thru her first year of parenting. I thought it was a great way to sum up a first birthday celebration, and I am thrilled to be a village member! Kel, Geoff; thanks for sharing Sam with me!

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  1. Alex - thanks so much for posting the photos - you made my day!! I honestly did not take one photo on my camera bcs we were so busy during the party - thanks so much for capturing the party :) It was so great to see you all - looking forward to celebrating Wes' big birthday in a month! Lots of love