Sunday, December 26, 2010


Now that Wes can get himself up onto the table it has added a whole new dimension to his world! As of late he has turned into a gingerbread monster! I can only imagine the little inhabitants of this village as the big baby monster overcomes them and eats their surroundings!

Wes shouldn't be left alone these days as he is getting better and better at climbing and he is getting into all new things! I had wandered out of the kitchen the other day and when I came back into the room Westley had gotten up on the table and was eating the houses! I could hardly get mad at him... He was so cute with melted M&M dribbling down his chin... After finding him there and letting him have that first taste its been a struggle to keep him off the chairs and table...


  1. That is off the charts fantastic! He would def. be the cutest giant baby monster :)