Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And they're off!

Do you remember that commercial from a few years back? I think it was maybe Staples- or Office Max; there was a woman gliding around a school supply aisle hanging off the back of a cart loaded with notebooks and folders singing "It's the moooost wonderful tiiiime of the yeeear!!!"?? Well, I certainly think that most honest Mom's out there can admit to being able to relate! I love my kiddos- but today, today they went back to school, and I've got to say it felt pretty good to watch them climb those big yellow stairs!
Here is Olivia- it's still pretty dark when her bus comes. She got up at 5:15 to have time to straighten her hair and be out to the end of the drive by 6:20. She picked out her burgundy outfit from Aeropostal, you can't really tell from the picture- but in her super slim jeans and layered tops she looked so grown up! She is going to the middle school this year- starting the 7th grade! Yipes.... she is getting so old! And can you believe how loaded down she is?! Hopefully all of that will stay in her locker and she won't be forced to carry it around! I'm excited to see what this year will bring for her-
After our rocky start last year, I was thrilled to have Billy pester all morning about when it was time for them to go out to the bus. We opted to have him loop with his teacher from last year- I know quite a few of the other families did as well, so much of the class will be the same. She did a great job with him for 1st grade, so I have no reason to think that won't carry over to 2nd. I'm hopeful that having the consistency of the same kids and teacher will help with the transition, as last year was difficult at the beginning. By 8:05 he was practically busting at the seams to start walking! It's a good sign I hope...

Savanna wore a bright pink and lime green ensemble she picked out from Justice- yikes are their clothes pricey! I think her new school wardrobe cost more then just about any outfit I've ever bought for myself! She will be in 4th grade this year, which means a new school for her too- it's just a 1/4 mile up the road and has the towns 4th and 5th graders... so not too big of a transition, but enough that she had a few butterflies. I know she will be fine, Kate (her BFF) is in her class- and she knows her teacher from some team stuff they did last year. So, each of them is off for a new year- an new adventure. Maybe tomorrow I'll be sad and miss them. Today though- I'm so glad to have a quiet house!


  1. There's much to be said about a quiet house. I love having company all summer, but at some point the chatter gets excessive due to the excitement of a new school year. It reaches a crescendo in August/September, then the school buses arrive, and moms can take in a deep breath and relearn what to do with themselves in the sounds of silence.

  2. how well I remember those days... I don't even get to "see a school bus" living at the camp, but I will look for them going past the farm.. I miss it in some ways, and glad it's done in other ways.....hope everyone had a super first day

  3. Ahh, they all look so sweet! I have to laugh at Billy with his 'big' clothes, after wearing everything too small all summer!!