Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gingerbread Houses

This year we waited until the last moment to do our gingerbread houses. I knew the candy was going to be too much for one particular little one to avoid. He now drags chairs and step stools around to get whatever he wants, so keeping him away was going to be hard. Waiting seemed like the right idea! So, Christmas Eve morning we got down to work.

KeKe and the girls (plus her niece Marisa) came and joined our tradition! I worked at including KeKe in holiday stuff this year, and think she enjoyed some of our traditions and maybe it made her first Christmas as a single mom a little bit easier.

This year everyone got along, and we made two really nice candy houses.

I particularly liked this snowman! Yumm. They looked so good, and tasted just as well!

The Blaisdell girls made a Christmas massacre, I missed getting a photo of it. Oh well. We can do it again next year!

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