Sunday, December 22, 2013


While visiting Andrea a few weeks back Savanna saw this cat available for adoption at a local pet store. Something about him caught her attention. A self professed animal avoider, it was interesting that she took such an interest in him. When she contacted us to ask if she could get him my immediate reaction was "no!" We don't need another cat, another body to be responsible for.... "No!"

Well, we all know how that goes! She persisted, and I reconsidered. She is a great kid, she hasn't really ever asked for her own pet (billy and liv have both had their own critters) and she was insistent that "this" cat meant something to her. I honestly feel like sometimes we do connect with certain animals, and in this case I felt like it was something I should honor. According to her, he sounded like a good fit for us, there wasn't any real reason not to... She called mid week and he was still available for adoption... It took just a bit convincing for me to get Bill on board. I had made up my (ok, our!) mind that we should get him for her then we had a weekend snow storm. I decided that if he was still available Monday it was meant to be. One phone call, some adoption paperwork and a few wrong turns finding the place and he was hers.

Bill and I totally surprised her, she thought there might be a "chance" but didn't know we were actually getting him! Welcome To the family Chance!

Now if he and Peanut would just get along....

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  1. so happy for savanna!! welcome chance hit the family jackpot !!! see you soon with jenni puppy