Sunday, December 22, 2013

Getting the Christmas Tree

This year we had to cut our tree on a day Olivia couldn't go. The tree farm we love was only open 2 weekends! You have to be quick to get one of their lovely trees. I was sad she wasn't with us, but she said it was alright and we really wanted to get one so off we went!

We picked the top 2/3 rds or so of a nice big one, and billy got to cutting.

We hadn't had much snow, and actually the day was nice and warm (we bundled up anyhow. Grandma Houston was worried about the little ones)

I always love the time spent at the tree farm. We picked quickly this year- actually picking the first one we saw.

Once we got it home we put it into the stand, got the lights on and then waited for Olivia. As it turns out, the tree sat this way for a week waiting for a day when we were all home and could decorate!

I decided having a tree with no ornaments might have been a good thing with 2 little boys in the house!

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