Sunday, December 11, 2011

Puttin' up the Tree

We made a big family outing of picking the Christmas tree- Grandma and Grandpa Houston, Anna, Ed and Nicholas as well as Jon and Mary Leeke all piled into the trucks and went out to find the perfect specimen.  We missed the tree farm we usually go to, they had sold out for the season and we were sent over into Springvale.  We will go back to the regular guy next year (and tag the day after Thanksgiving) 
 It was a pretty long hike out to the trees, and while there were loads of them... not many were up to our high standards.  Some too big, some too small.  Lots with bare/thin spots from growing close together... Wes toured for a while from the back of a sled.  It was pretty cold and getting close to dark so we had to hurry and make our pick!
 We settled on this one- slightly bigger than I normally pick... but the closest to perfection in my eye!
 We did Grandma and Grandpa Houston's last night, so waited until today to decorate.  Wes did really well, and hasn't been too bad about taking off the ornaments.  I did pick up a bunch of unbreakable balls last year in the after holiday sales... so no glass bulbs for us.  I also made sure all the trucks and trains and airplanes are up out of his reach (and candy canes too!)

It takes the whole corner and wall under the stairs, looks pretty and makes the house feel festive.  Now hoping Wes can keep away from the decorations for the next 2 weeks!  For now, though- it's up... Bring on the presents... fill 'er up!!


  1. it looks wonderful.. Abbie is enjoying our tree as well....

  2. Love the tree! And OH. MY. GOSH. I can't believe how big Wes is getting! Hard to imagine he's almost two. Where does the time go?

  3. Looks great!

    I was just peer-pressured by some folks at my work to get Sam a mini-tree so I ordered one from ProFlowers ;)