Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Family Christmas or Christmas part 1

I have been looking forward to Christmas especially this year, since I anticipated that Westley would be really "into" it.  He was really a very good boy- didn't nap and was the only Houston kiddo who didn't cry at some point throught out the day!  The older kids woke him up, so he was sort of slow to start, but one he got going it was pretty exciting!
 He enjoyed his stocking, but only got about half way thru before he just wanted to play!  That was the theme for him... he very little attention span and just wanted to open and play with things!  We had a little Christmas race track set up, and he wanted to zoom those cars all around.  Once we started opening gifts he was in and out of the living room running all around!
 I thought Santa was very good to us!
 Bill was pretty shocked with the 22 I got for him.  I think it was the Christmas of unexpected gifts!
 Wes got an assortment of little odds and ends, no real "big" gift, but was happy with everything!  He even squealed at a pair of PJs up at Grandma Houston's!

 Savy's big gift was an i-pod touch.  She is all appled out as she just got an i-phone from Auntie and Uncle earlier in the week!  I think she will really enjoy the i-pod.  Her original one from many Christmas' ago was starting to die, and she really enjoys music.  I'm glad we got it for her!
 Olivia got an acoustic guitar.  She asked for one last year too... I'm not sure how she plans to use it... but I got her some DVDs with lessons... so we shall see!  She also got a nice wool dress coat too!
Billy- well, Billy got 2 rats.  I know I said "No, never!  Over my dead body!"  But, he has wanted them for a long time... and has done a lot of research and put a lot of time and energy into learning all about them.  He has been consistently helpful and responsible (even more so than the girls!) around the house; so we decided a pet (or 2) of his own was warranted!  I must admit, I'm still not thrilled about having them join the household- but he really deserves them... and they are *sort* of cute!

What did I get?  Well, that's a post of it's own!!

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